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Services We Offer

The Gnostic Order of the Light is a Spiritual Order that places the Creator before all things.  As such, we Serve the Creator and what They tell us is what we do.  Thus, the Creator has instructed us to offer Services to assist All who wish to heal.  Spiritual healing takes place in the Energetic System, the emotional status, and sometimes on the physical level.  All healing is dependent upon the individual seeking out services, as the Creator does not interfere with Free Will and thus, your decisions and choices are honored - even if you choose to be self-destructive.

Look below and see the types of work appeal to you.  If there is something you wish to learn more about, email us.  If you wish to set up a session, the process is simple:  We check with the Creator as to the appropriateness of a session, who would be best to serve you in that capacity, and then review their availability.  It's that simple.


There are several Individuals in the Order who handle services.  The individual assigned to your session will be the Individual Guided to do the work at that time.  All questions can be answered in a Consult session, the fee of which will be applied towards the service scheduled.

Please note!  The Light does NOT interfere with your Free Will, so regardless of what session you obtain or what questions you ask, satisfaction is never guaranteed.  The Light will not "fix you", it will not answer every question you have, and it will never tell you what to do.  That would pervert the reason you are having this lifetime.  

Why have a session at all then?  Some questions may very well be answered - especially if they are regarding the past, or healing, etc.  They will not go into future definitives and they will not tell you what to do.  They will, however, offer Guidance and nudges.  What you choose to do will always be your responsibility.

Consult for all Services
(30 minutes)

$25, applied towards service when scheduled within 30 days of consult

Channeling Session


Channeling sessions provide your High Self (soul), Angelics, Ascended Masters, and/or Guides/Teachers to provide you with messages on which They feel you need to know.  You should write down a list of questions to ask.  You never know - they might choose to answer them!

Usu​i Reiki


Reiki is provided in Person or distantly.  It all depends upon where you are located and if someone in the Order is nearby.

Reiki is a wonderful hands-on healing modality.  Tons of info on the internet about it.  Look it up.

Curse Removal – Simple


A simple curse is just that - one issue, one person.  Relatively easy to remove with little for the individual to do except receive the blessing of the curse removal

Curse Removal – Complicated

$500 - $2,000

Complicated Curses are just that - complicated.   Whether it is a Voodon Curse, a Family Curse, Generational Curse...all of the pose significant risk to the Practitioner cleansing the curse.  This is why the price goes up.  Higher risk, longer time needed for the Work (sometimes days), and more skill needed to remove it without ramifications for anyone involved.

Akashic Session
(Includes 2 hour consult, 2 weeks
prior to session for new clients)


Akashic Sessions allow you not only access your High Self (HS), but they provide you with the opportunity to ask detailed questions regarding your life purpose, relationships, Karmic Contracts and Agreements, Angelic Families, Soul Family members, etc.  These sessions are detailed and guided by your HS.  You may ask any question, but the HS may choose to not answer.  

Individual Exorcisms


Exorcisms are a complicated process.  While some are simple in execution, the vast majority are complicated by the number of Dark things attached to them.  No one has simply "one" demon attached.  It's not a reality and anyone who tells you differently is not a true demonologist.

The price above is for the exorcism of a single individual, to get them back to a place where they are back in their body again.  It is not a guarantee to remove all the demons attached to the body.  That would require too much time/effort for one individual to process in a short period of time.  Nor is it a guarantee that they won't get possessed again - that is their free will choice.

Space Clearing & Blessing (does NOT include personal exorcisms)


Hollywood loves a good scary movie - and haunted houses etc., rank up there in popularity.  That said, truly haunted houses may have discarnates (ghosts) present, but the vast majority of "haunted" houses are inhabited by demons.  

Sometimes the demons are attached to fixtures or items within the home and sometimes they are attached to an individual associated with the home.  More often than not, there are multiple issues to deal with, so that's what we do.  Once complete, we bless the home and raise its vibration so that it stays clean and clear for a while.

Please note - this is not a guarantee that it stays this way permanently.  We live in a very complicated environment that has multiple dimensions that interact with our reality, so every day each person encounters many things that are Dark.  Most people are just oblivious to them. 


If a Well is present, this will require education for the individual owning the property and its require maintenance moving forward.  Properties with or near Wells draw Dark things to them - to the Well, specifically.  This does not make the place evil - it is part of the makeup of the Earth Plane and these spaces are all over the planet in a consistent pattern.  They need to be cleared every now and then, generally once a year is a good practice and that is at a reduced rate.

Creator Sessions


This one is usually a shock to people, but here at the Gnostic Order of the Light, we have been gifted with a number of individuals who have been Guided here.  These individuals have a Life Path that falls within what secular man would call "Sacred".  One such individual is The Vessel.  She has bonded with the Creator so that the Creator inhabits her body and speaks to those who wish to commune with the Creator.

We do not advertise this Service online for this is not a marketing gimmick.  This is the only place it is listed, and if you find it, its because you were guided here.   If you wish to have a session with the Creator, you must specifically apply for a session.  Once reviewed, if approved, you will pay the fee for the session.  Once the fee is received, you will be given instructions on where to travel to on the day of the appointment.  You will show up 1 hour prior to the actual session time so you can be provided with instructions regarding the session.  If the steps are not followed to the letter, you will be escorted out of the session and no funds will be refunded.

We fully understand how sensitive the information regarding the Vessel and the Creator are and we are very extensive in our review process as well as in our responsibility to protect her.  We will do all that is necessary to do just that.

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