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The Gnostic Order of
the Light

When what you are seeking is
not easily found,

it is time
to look within. 


The Gnostic Order of the Light is a metaphysical, mystical Organization that embraces the energetic existence of human reality.  We do not view the Creator as separate, but instead, we understand that the Creator is Within.

The Gnostic Order has existed in a variety of ways, before and since the time of Yeshua.  Yeshua, also known as Jesus, was the student of Melchizedech, one who had found the Path of Creator Love and became one of the Ascended Ones.  From his teachings, Yeshua created the Jewish Christian sect, and was summarily punished by the Jewish Council for that decision.  Over the 200 years after he formed the church, the Jewish Council sent assassin after assassin to eliminate the members and burn their temple down time and time again.  Finally, Saul, who became Paul, eliminated the last temple and members, and traveled, finally to end up near Rome.  There, he again worked with a corrupt organization and helped to establish Catholicism, using a bastardization of a portion of Yeshua's teaching as he was not education in the slightest way and had only scraps of the books since he burned down their temple.


In the early days of the Catholic organization, they incorporated all who claimed the slightest tie to Christianity.  The reason it had been established had been because the political leaders of Rome recognized the appeal of Yeshua's teachings, as they had made their way around the Mediterranean - without Saul/Paul's help - and they wanted to control their populace and could see that Yeshua's teachings were drawing more people in than their polytheism was.  Thus, to grow their numbers, they brought in many who were taught from more direct, correct books and teachings, but as time went on, the leaders desires to do as they wished overcame the desire to include as many as possible.  Thus, when the Gnostic sect reminded the leaders in Rome that Yeshua taught asceticism and reviled the opulent ways they were in truth living, the Gnostic Order was cast out of the Catholic Church.


All participants of who declared as Gnostics were declared heretics and hunted down and exterminated, until the remainder went underground and practiced in secret.  Nowadays, a number of groups claiming to be Gnostic have arisen from a variety of Christian sects, usually by someone in leadership who stated they had received visions or spirit teaching, and they left to create their version of the Gnostic Order.

As the original Gnostic teachings were forgotten or found only in fragments of mystical language, most groups have evolved into pseudo-Christian sects that practice one form or another of Christianity, based upon their agreement with parts of the Bible, mostly the New Testament, in whatever version they were education.  As a result of the dominance of Christianity, most of the Gnostic Orders that populate this reality do not connect directly with Melchizedech and thus do not know how to embrace their energetic selves nor the teachings of the Light Beings in total. Thus, most do not know how to reconnect fully with the Creator, nor do they know how to properly teach.  Most fall, instead, victim to the ancient human problem of Ego and thus turn their spiritual organization into yet another religion, thus dictating to others how they should believe and behave, instead of mentoring the individual and allowing them to develop their own freewill based spiritual practice.

Much of the original doctrine and dogma traced back to "Yeshua's teachings" can be found in Evagrius’ "Gnostic Centuries".  The phrase below is pertinent:


"the essential function of spiritual beings in human form is to experience union with the Creator, which is known as a vibration of pure Love and Light. Humans were designed by the Creator and can only reconnect with the Creator through an ascetical, self-humbling process whereby the spirit presence regains its rule over matter and realizes its capacity to experience the divine simplicity.

This, we believe, is Truth and is the basis of our Order.  

  • Each human is a Spiritual Presence experiencing human form.

  • Each human has the capacity for reconnection to the Creator while having the human experience.  

  • The way to connect to the Creator is to rid oneself of that which is not one's truest self, which can be facilitated through the embrace of asceticism and removal of the ego's influence.


Part of this process requires the education of the individual regarding:

  • the energetic environment that the Earth Plane is,

  • the human energy system,

  • the Gifts and Abilities the Creator has bestowed upon Humanity,

  • the understanding of the Dark versus the Light,

  • and the energetic requirements the individual must make to embrace the vibration that is Creator Love.

Religions are designed to govern individuals.  True Spirituality teaches the individual to govern themselves.  True Gnosticism is not a religion - it is a Path to follow to enlightenment and that includes learning about oneself, implementing self-government, and discovering the aspects of oneself that religion (and society developed by religion) has prevented the Individual from discovering.  When one no longer needs Religion or government to tell the individual the correct way to live or what to believe, one's eyes open to the world and all that the individual has sacrificed for "safety" over the last few thousand years.  If you look at the definition of anarchy, Merriam-Webster defines it as:

1.a:  Absence of government

b: a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority

c: a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.

2.a: absence or denial of any authority or established order.


Society loves religions - they force individuals to conform to their rules and doctrines and then governments form to continue that subjugation of the individual.  Of course anarchy is deemed abhorrent!  Government does not want individuals to think, behave, and live in a manner that does not require politicians, the military, and other groups that exist solely off ways to control individuals - -such as the police, IRS, etc.

For the individual seeking freedom, spirituality is the path to take.  As you learn and heal and grow, one understands the importance of the human life and what the Creator wanted us to each experience - LOVE.  Love for self, love for each other, and love for the planet and all its inhabitants.  Thus, in the Gnostic Order of the Light, we share the teachings Melchizedech has shared with humanity time and again so the individual can recognize the Creator within so that the Path of Love and Light is walked, and the individual can live their highest and best lives.

We offer sessions to provide you with the answers to your questions and to assist you with clearing and purifying yourself.  For those of you who possess a Spiritual Path or a Vocation, we are ready to offer advice or even review you for possible admission to our Order.  We do not accept everyone to the Order - only those who have been indicated by the Creator to belong to our Path are granted admission to teachings and, in time, possible admission.

This world is beyond challenging - contact us to find that which has evaded you on the Earth Plane - the Unconditional Love of the Creator.

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