The Gnostic Order of
the Light

When what you are seeking is
not easily found, it is time
to look within. 


The Gnostic Order of the Light is a mystical Organization that embraces the metaphysical existence of humanity.  We do not view the Creator as separate, but instead, We understand that the Creator is always available Within.

The Gnostic Order has existed since before the time of Christ; Yeshua (Jesus), was the student of Melchizedek, one of the Ascended Ones.  Cast out of the Catholic Church in its early years post formation and declared heretics, the Gnostics have remained small in number, yet true to the spirit of Melchizedek's - and Master Yeshua's - teachings.  

The Gnostic Order of the Light has returned to the teachings of Melchizedek, instead of seeking to maintain peace by abiding by the miscommunications delivered by the Bible and other religious dogma.  Melchizedek teaches us what it means to Serve the Creator and teaches us how to feel the Love of the Creator.  We embrace the Light and we implement these teachings directly - instead of placing the words of Man before the Creator.

We embrace the responsibilities that come with hearing the Voice of the Creator, and we do not shy away from the burden that comes with attempting to educate those Seeking knowledge.  The Gnostic Order of the Light is comprised of individuals who Serve the needs of the Creator, of Spirit, of Light and place these needs before our individual comforts.

This does not mean that we sacrifice or martyr ourselves - no!  Instead, it means that before we take action, we Consult with Spirit, with our Guides, with the Light, and with the Creator Themselves to determine the actions needed, so that we Serve only the Creator, and not our Egos.

Serving is not servitude - it is Joy, not hardship.  

If you have ever felt like you have everything, but nothing at the same time,

If everything feels as if it is falling apart and no one you turn to has answers,

If you are seeking Guidance for the first time,

Or are trying to reconnect with the undeniable Love that is the Creator,

The Gnostic Order of the Light is here to assist you.

We offer sessions to provide you with the answers to your questions and products to assist you with clearing, cleansing, and clarity.  For those of you who possess a Spiritual Path or a Vocation, we are ready to welcome you to the Family and teach you how to find the Love that has always existed within you.

This world is beyond challenging -  contact us to find that which has evaded you on the Earth Plane - the Unconditional Love of the Creator.