Rose Quartz Water

Many times, the Guides will share that the client needs to drink Rose Quartz Water after a session. Below are the instructions for making it for those who may not know how. Rose quartz does not imbue a flavor with the water - it raises the energy vibration of the water and assists with purging of toxins.

You can use rose quartz water with lemon to make lemon/rose quartz water and with other beneficial fruits, such as kiwi or water melon. You can use it on a daily basis as long as you monitor your physical condition and watch your body reactions.

Needed: 1 piece Rose Quartz - clean and free from debris 1 quart purified water in glass container (avoid metal containers)

Place rose quartz in glass container and cover with purified water. Allow to set in water a minimum of 8 hours. If possible, place in sunshine or moonshine to amplify the benefits.

Drink rose quartz water one 1/2 cup at a time, four times daily for a maximum of 2 cups per day. Consume the rose quartz water for at least three (3) days, unless otherwise stipulated, but always monitor your reaction to the water..

Please note - everyone should monitor their rose water intake. Because it helps to release toxins, your body will let you know when you have drank too much and you may find yourself sequestered in a restroom facility.

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