Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, and the Angelics

We are each Spiritual Presences having an existence within this plane of reality; we occupy a human form for the duration of our time here. But we are still connected and we stay connected with where we came from, the High or Higher Self. This High Self is the connecting point of where we came from, it is the voice that allows us to hear the Truth of our existence when we allow it to speak. It is our conscience when we do something we should not do, and it is the voice that tells us we are loved when we feel most alone in the world.

But the High Self is not alone in assuring humans that we are not abandoned, even though the toughest experience we go through is within a few short years after the birth experience- the Separation. Somewhere during the first two to four years of our lives, our connection to The Creator's Love is diminished to the point where we can no longer sense it. Once, we were beings of Love – only Love, yet at Separation we are fully deposited into human forms to live a lifetime, experiencing situations that can raise our hopes or dash them to the ground.

Yet through it all – we are never truly separated, no matter how alone we feel. We have our High Self, we have Spirit Guides to help us, there are Ascended Masters who chime in now and we always have the Angelics. All these different beings are here to help us learn, help us grow, pick us up off the ground when we allow them to, dust us off, and help us re-open our hearts after they have been ground into pieces by life and the choices we have made.

In this blog, I will give the barest of explanations of what each of these beings are, and this short time does not do justice to any of them.

Think about your beliefs – whatever they may be – and to open yourself up by questioning what you believe and why you believe it.

Experience is the number one changer in the world. People believe something and then wham, something happens which shakes up their beliefs, and then they reconstruct their view to incorporate their new personal experience. Or - they turn a blind eye to that experience, dig their heels in, and refuse and refute their personal experience if it doesn't fit their dogma.

I was not raised to believe in mainstream religions. So, in many ways, I was very open to my experiences with Angels when they happened, for I neither feared them nor put them on pedestals so gigantic that I never would interact with them. I did not demand that they appear as people, if they had I probably would have rejected them, as disenchanted as I was.

I consciously encountered my first angelic in 2001, when I started to learn to teach Reiki. I say consciously because I know that they were there before, but I could neither feel, sense, or hear them.

Before 2001, I believed there might be “something out there”, for I had known many things since I was very young that other people had not, but I did not believe in the God who was proposed by various religions. I certainly did not believe in angels at all. I believed they were a myth used to manipulate individuals into doing things that they might not ordinarily do.

And, to a degree, this is true. When one interacts with the angels in one’s life daily, in a conscious manner, we do begin to understand things as we couldn't' before. And when one is working with the Angels - this is a GOOD THING.

Angels are so much more than humans with wings, or babies flying around with a bow and arrow. Angels are energetic beings who are non-judgemental and only feel unconditional love. They interact with the human world in greatly limited way, because that is one of their limitations HERE,on the Earth Plane.

All too often, life experiences drive the idea of love away from us. We turn to things that hurt ourselves to avoid thinking of things that already hurt us. We are ALL walking wounded on the Earth Plane. And the angelics try to help us cope with that – either unconsciously, or the more rare – consciously.

Angelics provide moments of unconditional Love, moments to help you remember that you are worthy of being loved and that you will always be loved. They help us remember that we are all connected, we each came from the same place and we will each return there. They help us realize that we need to give each other the same compassion we would like to receive. For being here in human form, regardless of life circumstance, regardless of financial situation, regardless of physical state of being - is HARD for each of us.

Angels WON’T help you win the lottery, they won’t make your problems disappear magically, and they won’t give you what you don’t have. But what they will do is give you love and support that you can tap into, to give yourself strength to do the things that you find hard or the things you might feel are impossible.

Angels love us regardless of what we do – they are from The Creator and they carry the same love The Creator has for us – unconditional, unwavering Love.

If we use that love to help ourselves heal and grow, then they have done all that they could do. If we don’t use that love, then they will continue to send us the Love they have for us, every day, with the hope that we will feel it somehow and allow that love to change our world.

We get more hands-on guidance from our Spirit Guides and the Ascended Masters. Spirit Guides are energetic beings who love us, many times those we have shared other lifetimes with, who are present in this lifetime to help us learn lessons, to navigate being human – and believe me, we can all use the help. Look how messed up this world is – don’t you think listening to the Angelics might be better than listening to demons instead???

Everyone has at least 13 spirit guides with them at all times. Everyone also has their own Angelics assigned to them as well. You are surrounded by energy beings who love you every minute of your day, yet you are never aware of them because you don’t pay attention, you don’t listen, you don’t wait to feel them - maybe because you are not ready yet or maybe because you have blocked them out in some way.

So – let’s take a moment right now. I want you to take a moment and just breathe. Don’t worry about the bills, don’t worry about the children, don’t worry about anything and JUST BE. Take a long deep breath, close your eyes, and just focus on feeling your lungs breathing, your heart beating. FEEL being human, feel the form that you are enclosed within.

Just breathe in and out, for a few more moments, listening to my voice.

Now, as you continue to breath in and out, slowly and deeply, allow yourself to feel your arms, to feel your legs, to feel your feet, and to feel your head.

Breathe in slowly, exhale slowly.

Now – I want you to feel the hair on your arms. Feel how it covers your skin ever so lightly, so lightly that unless you focus on it you NEVER feel it.

So now, just focus on the hairs on your arms, the hair on the back of your hands. Feel the hair on your head, your eyebrows, your eye lashes. You have hair that is on your body that you never think about, but it is always present, it always has a purpose, and yet you never pay any attention to it.

Now, breathing in and out very slowly, with your eyes closed, I want you to feel outside of your body. I want you to say that you want those beings who are 100% of the Light, your angels, your guides, those that love you to touch you, ever so lightly, but firmly enough that you can feel it on your right cheek.

Give it a few more breaths, allow yourself to hold yourself in this moment of openness, of acceptance to the Light and the Love of the Creator. And allow yourself to experience the sense of belonging, the sense of inclusion that comes with accepting the Love of the Angelics.

Now, you may not have felt much of anything at this moment. You can do this exercise any time you are able to get into a peaceful place inside your head. Your angels never leave you, and they are always present to help you feel them. The only thing I would say is to stipulate that you want beings who are 100% of the Light and Love to come to you, and that way you can be certain that those who come to you are beings who loves you unconditionally instead of those that want to use you for dark purposes.

Your High Self is present to help you through this lifetime, your angels are here to give you love and support, and your guides are here to help you navigate life’s many challenges – so what are the ascended masters, then? What role do they play?

Ascended Masters are those who were in physical form who learned how to reconnect with the Creator while in the physical state, such as Yeshua/Jesus, or Buddha, or Quan Yin.

Everyone has the opportunity to connect with the Creator, but Ascended Masters learn how to do it while they are incarnated. Once they learn how to connect to the Creator, they become a living channel of the Creator’s energy, the Love that created all things and all beings in this universe.

One they have fulfilled their Life Purpose/Spiritual Purpose, they transcend the physical form. Many times these individuals teach love to those around them as well as teach them that the lives they live are facades. Their lives are conditioned by groups demanding they conform fto a standard that the group decides is "right".

These institutions, the government, religious organizations, societal communities – they want people to behave in certain ways, they want them to think certain things, they want them to be the square peg in the square hole. And when someone comes along who enlightens those people around them that this is taking place, that these organizations do not really want the highest and the best good for them, then those organizations get scared.

They want to tell you what to do, they want to tell you how to live your life. They don’t want you thinking for yourself in any way. And when that happens, when you step outside the mold that they want you to live in, then you create problems for them. You create the opportunity for others to change their way their way of thinking. You provide a model of how others can also step outside that mold.

All throughout human history, we have learned that those who talk of Love and of a Loving Creator who unconditionally loves you, is a person who can bring down governments and institutions. And so they must go! because those institutions don’t want that change. Some individuals go into hiding while others transcend so they can help those in the world they came from make it through day to day.

Many times, they help those with gifts and abilities stay open to them even if they are not recognized for helping.

The Earth Plane has had a number of Ascended Masters over the years. Most are unknown, because their existence has been wiped out of history, but there are a few who have been used to start religions – ostensibly to help others gain a better life, but their set doctrine on how to think, how to act, and how to behave becomes warped and twisted over the years by those who assume control over the religion.

Buddha, Quan Yin, Mohammed, Yeshua – or Jesus as the catholic church named him. The Ascended Masters are those who have conquered the physical by embracing the Love of the Creator. They are not Gods, but they are the next step of evolution, if you will, for this process is possible by humans, though very few ever live that Life Path. Fewer still even know that it is an option.

Children are wide open to their gifts – some might say they are too wide open. Most gifts shut down through one’s life experiences, but there is always a trace of them, a hint, a whisper that most people learn to accept through ignoring them.

Spirit Guides are here to help us through that process as well, as they have been incarnated before, they know firsthand how difficult it can be to go through the Separation and then have these weird things happening. They are here to love us especially when our families are not open to the idea of Gifts and can be hurtful to us.

It is hard to set aside the conditioning that we