Exercise - Filling with Light (short version)

Each human being is a complex energy form possessing an inner channel, a number of energy centers throughout, a large number of energy layers, and other parts and pieces, all designed to sustain the Spiritual Presence while inhabiting the human form. When one is able to understand that these different parts are designed to work together to support the physical form, one gains the comprehension that you are indeed responsible in a deep, complex manner for your human experience. As your comprehension develops, the Filling with Light exercise takes on a whole new dimension of meaning.

Let's Start!

To begin, get into a physically comfortable position. Allow yourself to relax. Now, pay strict attention to your breathing. This is going to be your guide for the rest of the exercise.

Feel where you are breathing from - is it your chest or your stomach. Shift from your chest to your belly breathing and just pay attention to it. As you breathe, breathe in through your nose and out your mouth.

Count your breaths - your in-breath should be a couple beats shorter than your out-breath.

Now, do this for a few minutes, keeping your entire attention focused on your breathing.

At this point, feel for the chakra located above your head. It is not quite a foot up and is positioned like a basketball floating over your head. That is where we will start as it is the most easily felt connection point between the channel and your physical self. As you go through this exercise, continue to breathe slowly through the belly and allow yourself to let pass through you any emotions that may arise as a result of this exercise.

Allow yourself to imagine or feel a high vibrational white light energy filling that chakra. Allow yourself to be guided intuitively to be aware of this energy. If you feel you are not ‘getting it’, do not stress. Simply keep breathing and follow the exercise. The more you do this exercise, the more sensitive your energies will become. Thought follows action and action creates movement.

Pay attention to how the Light feels as it is spreading through and filling the chakra. At this point it should feel light, gentle, like sunshine on your hand during a warm spring day.

Allow the energy to overfill the chakra with Light. It will take several minutes, so don’t rush this process.

Always know that there is a limitless supply of this energy and that as much as you need will be available to you.

Now, allow the overflow of the energy to move down the channel into your crown chakra. As you consciously direct this vibration of Light throughout your system, it will "rejuvenate" all your energy centers and systems, raising your personal vibration.

Let the energy fill your crown chakra to the point of overflow; this will take several minutes just as it did with the other chakra. At the point of overflow, allow the energy contained within the crown chakra to move outward into the energy fields that are connected to the chakra for several minutes. You can visualize the energy streaming out of you in a shape similar to a corolla of flower petals.

Much as a stream overflows its banks, the energy flows outward from the chakra easily, strong, and changing all that it encounters with its vibration. Since the energy is unlimited, the flow will continue long after you hold the concept in your mind.

Now, allow the energy flow down to the sixth chakra (3rd eye chakra) and begin to fill it to overflow. This is the process you will complete for each of the chakras down through your body until you reach the one that is directly below your feet.

Do not rush this process – allow the energy to flow naturally. You may find some chakras require a longer period of time to fill up or you may feel the channel itself needs extra energy. Do not worry or focus about this. As a human you are bound to be depleted in a variety of ways and this exercise will help to correct the issues available to the vibration at this time.

Now, allow the energy flow down to the fifth chakra (throat chakra) and fill to the point of overflow, allowing the energy to move outward after the chakra itself is full. Once complete, your attention will direct the energy down to the fourth chakra (heart chakra) and repeat the process.

From the fourth chakra you will descend to the third chakra (solar plexus chakra). Allow the white energy to flow into and through this chakra, pushing out all detritus that may be impeding its function and requesting that the energy cleanse all detritus and leave behind only the purest, highest vibration available to you. As that work is done, allow the energy to again flow outwards into your auric layers, filling you with a high vibration.

Down into the second chakra (sacral chakra), the energy will then flow, filling this very depleted chakra system and allowing the vibrations of love, peace, and acceptance to flow and fill it. As this chakra fills, the energy will flow outwards and be directed into the auric layers surrounding your physical form while the energy flows down into the first chakra.

The first chakra, or Root chakra, is where your spiritual presence first took root in the physical form. This chakra is filled with all the stress and hurt and pain that being human can entail, and so as we direct the flow of this wonderful vibration into this chakra, ask for the Light to assist you with healing and cleansing this chakra while it is filling with this beatific light. As it fills and releases to the Light, the energy will shift outwards to the auric layers it accesses.

Once you feel this has completed, follow the energy as it flows down to the chakra below your feet.

The energy will slowly move down your hips, past your thighs, over your knees and calves, and drop down through your feet to the chakra about twelve inches below your feet. Here you will feel the energy spreading and filling the chakra but then it will also move downwards to connect with the earth mother energy as well as filling the auric layers it accesses. Allow the connection to the earth mother energy to deepen, as this process will ground you further into the earth.

Now, just feel the energy flowing through you, from the top of your head, down the channel, touching each chakra and flowing out to the auric layers before sending itself down into the earth. Focus just on this flow, over and over again, and pay attention to how expanded your personal energy vibration becomes.

Do this for as long as feels appropriate to you. When you are ready, allow your consciousness to return to your body. Wiggle your fingers and toes, gently rock back and forth as needed, until you are fully back and your eyes open naturally.

This entire process can take anywhere from 45 - 60 minutes and should be done 2 - 3 times a week, if not daily, in the beginning. Do not worry if you feel you need to take a nap afterwards – this is not uncommon in the beginning as your body has been sadly depleted and this influx of high vibration can often cause sleepiness.


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