End of Times - a question answered via a Channeling from Archangel Gabriel

This world seems to be going crazy. If it isn't the heat, then it's the politics playing havoc with people's minds and thinking. I am often asked if this is "God's plan" for us and I only have one answer to that question, one that Melchizhedech taught me years ago. We are each responsible for the life we live, as we live what we created from the choices/non-choices we have made in this lifetime.

It is a truth that the Creator gave each of us Free Will - and our personal reality as well as the reality we live in is the direct result of our choices/non-choices. If you don't think that is the truth, look closely at the world you live in. How many plastic products are in every room of your home? How much do you recycle to help us (not the Earth) stay alive? How many trees/plants have you contributed to make fresh air for us to breath? What actions have you taken about the water quality or any perceived "shortage" that increases your cost of living? You need only look in the mirror to see that the individual responsible for your life is looking back at you.

Archangel Gabriel popped in today to share some thoughts with us, so let's see what He has to say!

Greetings, Beloved Ones! Know that the Creator loves you and is with you every moment of your lives. Your world seems different to many of you, but We can assure you that the world you live in right now, with all its weather changes and personality clashes, are actually exactly where the Creator saw you when They created you.

Human Life is a Miracle that the Creator gave to you to experience; a journey or an adventure that allows you to step away from your True Self and True Form to experience and then take back all experiences and memories to your Home, your True Self, what some of you call the High Self or the Soul.

Look around you - what do you see? Do you see your loved ones, either by birth or by choice, spending time with you to balance out your chores? Do you make choices via logic and rational thinking, or do you act impetuously and impulsively without regard to the ramifications of those choices? Do you care for those you love, or do you disregard how your actions impact their true feelings?

Now, transfer those ideas to the world around you. Start with your home - is it a reflection of the things you love or is it just "a place" you spend time in. If you don't beautify the space around you, keep it clean and safe for you, all that is left is various stages of squalor. Now - step outside that and look where you reside. For some, you pay as much as you can afford, and the environment is still not safe for you. This is unfortunate, but what are you doing to change this? Prayers are nice, but the Creator gave you free will to make choices, a mind to think, and a body that is meant to take you through this life - not make it for you.

What about your job/career? You need to make money to survive in this reality, but are you working to your full potential? Are you respected for your contribution by your employer? Have you expanded your skills and brain, so you have worth outside of yourself by others? This world is harsh and cruel, and it is a sad reality that many only value currency and not people. Think hard and learn to expand your horizons and your abilities so you can grow not just in spirit but also in ways that will help you be safe and allow you to care for yourself better.

Breathe deeply and calm your mind. How often are you doing that daily? Weekly? Monthly? Allowing yourself to stay in a state of mental/emotional panic does not help anyone. Questions cannot be answered when you don't create a space for Us to answer you. Meditate more - much more - so that when people attempt to influence you or adjust your perspective you can clearly see when they have - or do not have - your best interests at heart. Do not take anyone at face value. While We angelics love all, humans have to struggle and learn about each other. Just because someone has a fancy title or says they are "this or that" does not mean that you are required to believe what they say. Look for the common connection between you, but realize that, unfortunate as it is, most people only put themselves first instead of seeing the true picture that humanity is simply one organism having an experience. Look and validate, before you trust. Call those who lie to you on their lies and trust yourself when you know you are correct.

End of Days? What is that - end of days? Scripture from one book held by some to be the truth, yet do those individuals follow all the parts of the book exactly, or have they made changes and allowances? Remember - the Creator is the only being who knows All, and the Creator did not make that book - humans did. What may have been foreseen a thousand or two thousand years ago has had many opportunities for many changes. Let go of the rigidity of the dogma and allow Spirit to speak to you, allow Spirit to Guide you, and allow yourselves the opportunity to become all that the Creator saw that you were capable of becoming before you entered the baby's form after birth.

Most of all - be humble. Accept your culpability for what has taken place upon the Earth. Accept the responsibility for your actions and accept that you are the only person who can change your life. It is no one else's journey and no one else is going to do it for you. It is past the point for you to put on your mask - the airplane is diving, and you had best understand how you got here so you don't have to repeat all these lessons in another lifetime.

You are loved, Beloved Ones, by the Creator and by those of the Light. When We say that the Creator has seen all, We are sincere in that statement. All that could be chosen and done, every permutation, the Creator saw. For those who may not understand what We are saying, we will speak a little plainer. The Creator saw All and has given to humans the Gift of Free Will, which includes the gift of the ramifications of Free Will. This is a great Gift than not all of the Creator's worlds enjoy. Use it wisely!

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