5 Steps to Protect Your Energy Daily

Even if you live in the worst environment in the world, you can protect your energy by taking care of yourself first and then those for whom you may be responsible. How can you help yourself? Follow the steps below and you will eliminate stuff that needlessly taints your energy or even outright steals it away from you - including people! Once this is an automatic part of your daily routine, then you can build upon these basic steps and grow from there! The airplane is going down – you have to put on your oxygen mask now!

1. Starting the day off right by grounding and shielding yourself will begin your day on a positive note - plus it has the added benefit of shifting you into an emotionally stable mindset.

2. Say the mantra below before starting your day. By saying this mantra, you are putting an intention before you that you want to protect yourself by eliminating people, situations, and detrimental energies from your life. In energetic understandings, energy follows intention.

Thank you, Creator, for removing all negative people, situations, and energies from my life this day and every day.

3. Drink tons of water - this may seem odd, but the truth is when your body is hydrated your intuition is much more on point than when it is dehydrated. Hydrate your body and then you will have clearer messages that have greater meaning for you. This is especially important for your body will always give you subtle hints and nudges when you are around others who are not safe for you. If you pay attention to how your body feels around different individuals, you will notice who your body is telling you to stay away from. Drink water and listen to your body protect you!

4. Make a list for the day’s “to dos” and stick to it. Another one that seems odd, but when you make a list and stick to it, you are denying energetic vampires the opportunity to steal your time and energy. It is easy to get caught by energy vampires when your day is open and unscheduled, but as soon as you have somewhere to go and something to do you will find the strength to cut your time with energy vampires short! Protect yourself always! We each know energy vampires, but for some reason we always feel obliged to make time for them. Why? Because they have indoctrinated us to think they are an important part of our life. Well – they are not! They are very detrimental to you! Keep yourself occupied and your free time extremely short and limit their opportunity to steal your energy dry!

5. Meditate! I get it – you don’t have a lot of time or you don’t know how to do it. Meditation is the number one way we can revitalize ourselves by bringing in positive energy from the earth and the Universe. It may seem scary if you have not done it before, it may be that you think you are doing it wrong, but let me tell you – that’s not true! If you have access, the internet has all kinds of meditation resources out there. Even 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference in your life.

6. If nothing else, HUG A TREE! It may sound silly, but trees automatically ground us and can provide us with emotional stability in just a few moments!

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