Who are We?

We are Priests in the Gnostic and Melchizedek Orders

Going within is one step closer to becoming One with the Creator.

We don't believe in following dogma created to control your life.  Instead, we Listen to and Learn from Melchizedek - the Ascended One who taught Yeshua (Jesus) how to connect to Spirit Within.  

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The Oracle

Julia Alexandra's role at the GOOTL is as Master Priest and as The Oracle.  Designed before birth to be a Trans-Channel, or a Trans-Medium, she channels Messages from the Light.

Ordained in 2004 into the Order of Melchizedek and in 2020 into the Gnostic Order, Julia has used her Gifts and Abilities to connect with the Light and to Serve the Creator for over 20 years.

Sessions with The Oracle include: Akashic Sessions

Channeling Sessions

Creator Sessions

In each of these sessions, you will be communicating with various Beings of Light.  In the Creator Session, you will be in the channeled presence of the Creator and will not just receive a message directly from the Creator, but will also have the opportunity to speak with Them.

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The Keeper of the Light

Alexis Rojas-Benitez role at the GOOTL is The Keeper of the Light.  As a student of Melchizedek's, he learns from Melchizedek so he can Keep the Order in alignment with what the Creator desires, not man.

Initiated in 2021 and Ordained by Melchizedek in 2022, Alex has been discovering his Gifts and Abilities for the last several years.  Drawn to Serve in a varieties of ways, Alex is a gifted Massage Therapist and Energy worker who resides in the Raleigh, NC area.

As a member of Archangels Michael and Azrael's families, Alex is an extremely Gifted Slayer and Cleanser of the Dark.  His work includes clearing individuals and spaces of Dark Energies of various types.  He also is a born Healer, so he also offers Reiki and Spiritual Healing sessions.  These sessions can be performed in person or via distance, as there is no limit to what Spirit can do.

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