About the Gnostic Order of the Light

For Us, it's ALL about The Creator

The Gnostic Order of the Light is a mystical, metaphysical spiritual organization that places The Creator first and foremost in every way and in every aspect of our daily life.  

We are a small group dedicated to the connection with The Creator.  We Serve to learn and grow through our Guides in Light - the Ascended Ones, the Angelics, and other Light Beings whom The Creator placed here to assist us - so that We may Connect and Grow in the Light.

Not everyone is able to dedicate themselves to living the life needed to feel the Creator's Love, so if this passion draws you, contact us for more information!

The Hierarchy of the Gnostic Order of the Light is simple - we have Master Priests who teach, Priests who are either content to Serve or are in training to become Master Priests, Initiates who are in the process of becoming Priests, and then we have the Council.

The Council is comprised of the Oracle, the Keeper of the Light, the Protector of the Light, and then a number of others who provide wise council on the ways of Mankind.

The Oracle was designed before birth to communicate with the Creator.  She channels the blessings of the Creator's Love, Wisdom, and Healing, on a daily and weekly basis to the Order, and to those who the Creator approves for contact.  She educates the Master Priests and Priests who follow, so that the Order grows in the Light of the Creator's Love.

The Keeper has been Charged with keeping the wisdom of the Order pure, following the Guidance of Melchizedek, in accordance with the Light, and always in alignment with the Creator.

Our numbers are not great, and we each have questions, learning, and healing to keep us busy, yet just as we are Loved and valued by the Creator, we joyfully welcome those who are also chosen to join.  As Priests (female or male), we are each able to live a full life in human society even after we take our vows of Servitude.

We are not evangelical; instead, all who are Guided to us are Reviewed for Acceptance into the Order.  Those who possess a Spiritual Life Path or those who possess a Vocation are given the opportunity to join.  We are not a cult, yet we are private, for Serving is a deeply personal process.

if you are curious if you possess a Spiritual Life Path or a Vocation, if you simply have questions, if wish to know more about the Order, or if you want to know how to Join the Order, contact us to arrange a consult session, and learn more about yourself in the process.